The book for children "Selected Psalms" tells about the Psalter – a book that is part of the Holy Scripture. Here you can learn about how the very name "Psalter" is translated, interesting facts about the history of its origin and how texts are organized inside it – songs praising God, which are called psalms. In fact, psalms are different forms of communication with God: requests for help and forgiveness for sins committed, expressions of gratitude, praising God.
The book presents the texts of the psalms in Old Slavonic, their translation into Russian, as well as simple, but not lightweight comments explaining the meaning and meaning of each psalm.
At the end of the book there is a dictionary of Church Slavonic words with their translation and explanation. And bright and memorable illustrations by Alla Belova will help you to feel the beauty and wisdom of the psalms faster and better.
Published by Anastasia Orlova Book House Publishing House
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